Pathfinder: Your Roadmap to Windows Modernization and Cloud Adoption

Leveraging our expertise from the Guardian platform and its robust data comparison and policy processing engine, we meticulously analyse your Windows landscape, evaluate the captured data, and subsequently provide an insightful Pathfinder Assessment report. This report empowers you with informed decision-making capabilities, facilitating strategic planning.

Pathfinder, our innovative Windows modernisation tool, illuminates your path to upgrading your Windows systems or strategically adopting cloud technology. Here’s how we enable this transition:

Comprehensive Analysis

With Guardian’s powerful data comparison and policy processing engine, we analyse your Windows landscape meticulously. This step includes capturing and evaluating essential data about your current Windows infrastructure.

Pathfinder Assessment Report

Post analysis, we provide an insightful Pathfinder Assessment report. This report forms the basis for informed decision-making, aiding the formation of a robust strategy for your digital transformation journey.

Harnessing Guardian Toolset 

At the core of our Pathfinder Assessment is the dynamic Guardian tool suite. Depending on your infrastructure, we employ the Guardian Agent (installed on your servers) or our agentless data-gathering capabilities. This step ensures a comprehensive understanding of your Windows landscape.

Data Processing and Report Generation:

We consolidate the captured data within our Guardian appliance and process it according to our policy framework. The result is a detailed Pathfinder Assessment report that offers strategic insights and tactical recommendations.

Informed Strategy Formation:

Our report provides an extensive overview of your Windows estate data. It outlines a range of options for your organization’s technological journey, whether it involves on-premises migrations or a significant shift to the cloud. The report also includes granular host-by-host details, giving you a detailed view of your path forward.

Pathfinder by Cloudhouse is your guiding light in navigating the complex landscape of Windows upgrades and cloud adoption. Let us empower you to make informed decisions and create effective strategies for your digital transformation journey.