The impact of not modernising legacy apps on the public sector.

This whitepaper discusses the challenges that the public sector faces when needing to modernise their applications and operating systems. In it, we discuss the six key challenges that most public sector teams face and how Cloudhouse can help.
Run your apps on the latest version of Windows or your money back. 100% guaranteed.
Cloudhouse offers an easy-to-implement solution to removing compatibility issues that are blocking upgrades to the latest versions of Windows - quickly and efficiently modernising your applications and securing data. Cloudhouse provides a quick, reactive, fail safe solution saving cost and mitigating risk. Guaranteed or your money back.
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“We founded Cloudhouse on the principle that there is a lot of great software that enterprises rely on but the IT industry often forces them to be needlessly replaced to keep up with the ever increasing pace of technology evolution. This seemed unnecessary and wasteful so we set out to find a better way. Make the best of what you have whilst being able to benefit from the best innovations that the technology eco system offers“

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It’s time for a sustainable alternative that doesn’t break the bank or require costly unnecessary rewrites of your applications.
  • Cloudhouse allows you to run older apps on the latest Windows OS, without any coding or redevelopment​.
  • 100% guaranteed. You can run your apps on the latest version of Windows or your money back.
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