Cloudhouse Quality Policy Cloudhouse aims to become the market leader in application to operating system compatibility, enabling organisations to move to modern and secure desktop, servers and cloud.

To meet the above, Cloudhouse aims to:

• Provide a great environment, that is a fun and productive place for people to come work each day, and one that attracts top quality talent
• To earn the trust and confidence of our existing customers, and the right to win new ones by providing secure and reliable products and services
• Create innovative products and services that solve real problems for new and existing customers
• Ensure customers are successful with our products and services so that our business grows
• Financial planning and controls that enable us to forecast and allocate resources effectively to ensure long term success of the business
• Meet the quality objectives set by the management (which are regularly reviewed and communicated)
• Meet the needs of all interested parties
Cloudhouse is committed to the continual improvement of its performance by the monitoring of quality issues and through involvement with regulatory and other authorities and other 3rd parties.
To assist with the above, Cloudhouse has implemented the Cloudhouse Quality Management System that is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
Compliance and continual improvement are monitored by regular process measures and internal audits which are maintained by the timely implementation of preventive and corrective actions. These processes are designed to assure that the company will meet all legal and regulatory obligations and quality objectives.
Meeting these standards is the responsibility of the entire team. Cloudhouse is therefore committed to working with all stakeholders to support effective operation of the Cloudhouse Quality Management System and the monitoring achievement of goals against specific Quality Objectives. These are set and subject to Management Review and Risk Management and form part of our strategic direction. This policy will be made available to all interested parties as appropriate publicly on the Cloudhouse website.

Download the Cloudhouse Quality Statement here.