Cloudhouse Technologies named 13th in Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50

The ranking salutes Cloudhouse’s rapid growth as the leading solution to the challenges of migrating legacy applications onto modern Windows operating systems.

AWS launch EMP Self-Service for customers

As Preferred Partner for the AWS EMP Programme, Cloudhouse are here to help AWS customers using the AWS EMP Self-Service Tooling.

Cloudhouse joins G-Cloud 12

Moving the UK public sector to the cloud just got a whole lot easier. Cloudhouse application compatibility packaging is now available from the G Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace.

Wave goodbye to the emerging problems of legacy Windows systems

Buying Extended Security Updates (ESU’s) from Microsoft does not mean you are supported! Cloudhouse CEO Mat Clothier discusses how application compatibility packaging avoids all the niggly issues that are coming to light for those on unuspported platforms.

Over 90% of major UK and US enterprises have major cloud migration challenges, according to Cloudhouse research

Research commissioned by Cloudhouse to coincide with the End-of-Support deadlines for Microsoft Server 2008 and 2008 R2 shows that most major enterprises still have a long way to go on their cloud journey.

Lift and shift legacy applications and increase desktop cyber-security

Cloudhouse CTO Nick Coleman gives an overview of how Cloudhouse compatibility packaging can lead to increased cyber-security during your move to Windows 10

The NHS Challenge

A Freedom of Information request has revealed the NHS will be dangerously dependent on Windows 7 when Microsoft withdraws support for it on January 14 next year (2020). Read Cloudhouse CEO Mat Clothier’s thoughts here.

Cloudhouse Technologies named as Preferred Partner powering AWS EMP

Cloudhouse has been selected as the EMP Preferred Partner, working with partners and customers to help drive server migration to AWS.

Migrate everything to Windows 10 on Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualisation service running in the cloud.

Cloudhouse featured on latest AWS Podcast

Cloudhouse has been picked out as the ideal solution for enterprise customers stuck with Windows 7, Server 2008 applications that they can’t migrate to AWS on the latest AWS podcast.

Migrate ALL applications to Amazon AppStream 2.0 and AWS WorkSpaces

Migrate ALL your desktop applications to Amazon Workspaces or Amazon AppStream 2.0 with Cloudhouse.

Saving Critical Applications From End-Of-Life

The cloud has brought many opportunities for businesses but becoming cloud optimised comes with major challenges too

The True Enabler of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a major area of focus for almost every enterprise. But how can it be fully achieved when critical applications are seemingly ‘stuck’ on legacy platforms unsupported by cloud vendors?

The Magic of Compound Application Virtualization

I am Priya Saxena, a supermom, virtualization enthusiast and a developer by heart. I started my career 11 years ago as a passionate engineering graduate

My Journey towards Invention of Compound Application Virtualization

For the first time in the history of application virtualization, competitive virtualization technologies are combined together to form a superior solution

App Delivery, Deployment and Management Renaissance

Back in July 2006, Microsoft acquired Softricity, provider of an application virtualization and dynamic streaming system.

Legacy Apps: The Boring and Dirty Problem You Don’t Want to Deal With

There’s this boring, dirty, problem most organisations have and it has to do with legacy apps. Apps that were created over 10 years ago to solve a specific – at point of inception – business problem.

Retail IT horrors: Outdated systems and 1 hour to get a SIM card

We’ve all been there: it is Christmas, a child’s birthday, mother’s day, an anniversary… and you need to get a present.

CTO’s views on news: App-V from the Cloud and More

In my version of ‘Last Week Tonight’ (and if you haven’t watched it, it’s funny!), today I present to you a rundown of some key things happening

When App Delivery Goes Wrong, Heads Roll

When business critical apps go wrong a number of things surely happen – directors bang tables and go crimson, department managers bang heads and geeks responsible for applications sit rubbing theirs.

Overcoming Healthcare IT challenges

Following the latest updates in healthcare IT we came across a very interesting, though common, case.

Tales from the Cloud – Leveraging Cloudhouse Applications Anywhere

One of our customers is a healthcare application software provider who has software installed on hundreds of thousands of desktops deployed within hundreds of hospitals across the USA.

Moving to App-V 5.0 is more like a migration than an upgrade

The deadline End-Of-Maintenance (EOM) date for App-V 4.6 is looming and many existing users will be taking a hard look at their migration plan.

5 reasons existing applications can become problematic

Everyone involved in publishing applications to corporate desktops knows of at least one well-established application that’s difficult to manage within an otherwise well-ordered environment.

Evergreen IT

Back in 2009, Price Waterhouse Coopers first coined the phrase “Evergreen IT” as “a pattern of IT provisioning, architecture, and operational management designed to deliver loose coupling between logically distinct layers of the IT stack.

5 Top Tips for packaging incompatible apps with AppDNA and Cloudhouse

When it comes to migration projects, Citrix’s AppDNA can prove invaluable for packaging teams, consultants or partners who need to analyse large numbers of applications to determine

Container Architecture – Part 2

In this blog series I would like to give an introduction to Compatibility Containers and will cover the following topics.

Creating Compatiblity Containers – Part 1

In this blog series I would like to give an introduction to Compatibility Containers and will cover the following topics.

Enabling Auto Update for Desktop Apps Converted to UWP

How to use auto update for apps converted with the Desktop App Converter?

Videos of Cloudhouse in action

Over the last few months a couple of our Consultants, Ryan Smith and Tom Parkin have been creating some great videos of Cloudhouse.

Cloudhouse Launch Unique Solution to get any Line of Business App

Cloudhouse are pleased to announce support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Windows Store for Business, for the first time businesses

Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers

Back in July, we announced Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers can help Microsoft customers get their Win XP and Win 7 business applications.

With Cloudhouse, MSIX is for IT Pros Too!

With Cloudhouse MSIX is now for IT Pros too. ALL your apps, from XP to MSIX and everything in between.

Launching Cloudhouse MSIX Enterprise Edition

Microsoft recently announced and shared details at //Build on the future of Windows application packaging – MSIX

Run multiple instances of Skype for Business concurrently

How to run multiple instances of Skype for Business concurrently.

Why I am joining Cloudhouse by Remko Weijnen

When travelling for business I often listen to FrontLine Chatter because I really enjoy hearing how people ended up in our business and what they did previously.

Reflecting on 2017 – The end of a spectacular year

Year 2017 has witnessed many ground-breaking achievements; from scientists discovering earth-like planets outside solar system.

What is Microsoft 365 F1, who is it for, and how do you deploy it?

A few weeks ago at Microsoft’s flag ship event Ignite, Satya Nadella announced Microsoft and Office 365 F1 for front-line workers.

Risky Business: It’s Not Just Ransomware, It’s Your Operating System

Last week there was another ransomware attack based upon a variant of WannaCry, while this attack has reputably been used

Goodbye 2016 – a year of innovation!

2016 has been a year of innovation and disruptive thinking for our Product and Engineering teams.

Future Decoded – A Retrospective of London, 2016

Earlier this month, we attended Microsoft Future Decoded 2016 in London. As exhibitors and presenters, we had a very busy schedule.