Cloudhouse featured in 451 Research Impact Report

Published on June 23, 2016 

Cloudhouse Technologies today announced it has been profiled in a 451 Research Impact Report. The report highlights how Cloudhouse Technologies are helping customers get existing applications onto the cloud, without complexity, and are providing cloud management plane for further infrastructure.

Mat Clothier, Founder and CEO at Cloudhouse Technologies said: “The complexity of managing virtual desktops and the rapid adoption of cloud were key drivers in the formation of Cloudhouse. We started with a “clean piece of paper” and have developed a suite of technologies with the sole purpose of simplifying the migration and management of complex business applications in the cloud. We appreciate 451’s assessment of our capabilities and differentiators as we build more market awareness around the importance of Cloudhouses’s role in on-ramping legacy apps into the cloud.

Subscribers to 451 Research can download the complete report HERE.


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