AWS launch EMP Self-Service for EC2 customers

October 15, 2020 – Amazon Web Services (AWS) have made the application packaging toolset needed to create EMP packages available for download to EC2 customers.

The tooling enables anyone with an EC2 account to create EMP packages so that incompatible server applications can be deployed to modern Windows platforms on AWS EC2.

“As Preferred Partner for the AWS EMP Programme we are delighted that AWS have launched a self-service capability for EC2 customers,” said Cloudhouse Founder and CEO, Mat Clothier.

“Now anyone with an EC2 account can take advantage of the great technology underpinning EMP to package their legacy applications for migration to EC2.”

The self-service tool-set is available for customers looking to package an application for migration to AWS EC2. If an AWS customer is needing to package an application for any other platform, such as the desktop, then contact Cloudhouse for help.

“At Cloudhouse we have the deepest knowledge of the EMP service and toolset of any AWS partner,” Mat added.

“We have already helped a large number of AWS customers move legacy applications to modern, supported, secure Windows platforms in EC2 since EMP was launched last December, and we are here to help.

“Although the self-service tooling is easy to use for someone who is technical, many legacy applications are deeply complex and require a high degree of configuration, or they are in-house built and have no support. In many cases the vendor is no longer around, or the version required so old there is little knowledge about how the application installs and operates.

“In these cases, the kind of expertise that we have built up over ten years of migrating legacy and incompatible applications to modern Windows platforms may well be required.

“If any AWS customer using the tool comes up against these barriers, please get in touch with us and we’ll help you get your application functioning in EC2.”

Further information is available here and the toolset can be downloaded here by anyone with an AWS EC2 account. The launch is accompanied by a series of videos available here.

For more information on how Cloudhouse can help, email or contact us here.


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