Back in July, we announced Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers can help Microsoft customers get their Win XP and Win 7 business applications running on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform – without rewriting code – and delivered through the Windows Store to Windows 10 and 10 S devices.

We are pleased to announce that our partnership with Microsoft’s commercial and product teams has resulted in Cloudhouse being listed on Microsoft’s landing page for the Desktop Bridge. Cloudhouse is the go-to solution for Enterprise customers wanting to deploy their incompatible line of business apps on Windows 10 or 10 S through the Windows Store for Business and with Microsoft InTune.

Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is the new application platform for Windows 10 and as Microsoft put it uses “just one API set, one app package, and one store to reach all Windows 10 devices – PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub and more.… At the core of UWP apps is the idea that users want their experiences to be mobile across ALL their devices, and they want to use whatever device is most convenient or productive for the task at hand.” Users can get their applications through the public Windows Store, or through a company’s private Windows Store for Business, or pushed to their device with Windows InTune.

Cloudhouse provides the compatibility bridge to get Win32 applications, that don’t support Windows 10 or conform to the requirements for UWP, into a Container for packaging into an Appx with Microsoft’s Desktop App Converter that will run on UWP, and can be published in the Windows Store, Windows Store for Businesses and delivered to devices using Windows Intune.

It has been an exciting few months since the original announcement in July, as well as the recent listing on we have also attained our Microsoft Gold Certified App Dev Competency. Next week, it is Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Florida – so watch out for some more exciting news… stay tuned.

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