Cloudhouse has been picked out as the ideal solution for enterprise customers stuck with Windows 7, Server 2008 applications that they can’t migrate to AWS on the latest AWS podcast.

Host Simon Elisha discusses the challenge of migrating legacy applications and applications with no source media to AWS with Adrian de Luca, Head of Partner Solution Architecture, Asia Pacific, AWS. He says, “one really good partner that we have is Cloudhouse who have resolved this in a really innovative way.”

Go to click on ‘Start Listening’ and go to episode #340.

Or iPhone users can find the podcast here :

Cloudhouse is featured from around 14:25.

Cloudhouse joins G-Cloud 12

Moving the UK public sector to the cloud just got a whole lot easier. Cloudhouse application compatibility packaging is now available from the G Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace.

Migrate ALL applications to Amazon AppStream 2.0 and AWS WorkSpaces

Migrate ALL your desktop applications to Amazon Workspaces or Amazon AppStream 2.0 with Cloudhouse.

The Magic of Compound Application Virtualization

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