Cloudhouse joins G-Cloud 12

September 29, 2020 – Cloudhouse is excited to join the G-Cloud 12 framework, part of the UK’s official Digital Marketplace for the Public Sector.






The G-Cloud 12 framework makes it easier, faster, and safer for the public sector to procure cloud solutions.

Public sector customers can now procure Cloudhouse professional services, desktop licensing and server licensing via the framework.

“We have a long history of supporting public sector customers as our technology has proven to cost-effectively resolve legacy application challenges faced by the likes of the Ministry of Justice, DWP and the Home Office,” commented Cloudhouse CEO and Founder, Mat Clothier.

The framework was created to ease procurement by public sector bodies. Since its inception in 2012, there has been over £6bn worth of sales through the framework.

“With the adoption of a Cloud First policy in the public sector, Cloudhouse is now uniquely positioned to help Government agencies migrate applications and users that would otherwise have been left behind,” said Mat.

Cloudhouse services are available in the Cloud Support Lot. Details as follows:

Application Packaging Services are under Service ID 8002 7918 3107 797

Subscription Desktop Licensing is under Service ID 6378 6881 1908 061

Subscription Server Licensing is available under Service ID 3468 6473 6690 509

For more information, email or contact us via this site.


Cloudhouse joins G-Cloud 12

Moving the UK public sector to the cloud just got a whole lot easier. Cloudhouse application compatibility packaging is now available from the G Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace.

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