Cloudhouse At Pink24, Vegas

As 2024 unfolds, the IT industry is congregating at various conferences, with Cloudhouse setting its sights on the Pink24 conference in Las Vegas to enhance and enrich IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes delivered by IT teams through IT Service Management (ITSM) tools. At Pink24, Cloudhouse engaged as attendees, contributors, and exhibitors, highlighting our commitment to Configuration Drift Awareness and Transparency. We also previewed our forthcoming Automatic Change Request Reconciliation with ServiceNow and participated in the Vendor Showcase.

A striking insight from the event was the shared challenge with many visitors to our booth telling similar tales of how to get the appropriate coverage of Change Management across their enterprises, in a poll we asked what percentage of change occurring in your organisation DOESN’T go through formal Change Management processes – it was interesting to see that a fifth of respondents said more than 50% of changes were not going through a formal process and half of the respondents suggesting less than 30% were not going through a formal process. 

This on the face of it suggests that the Change Management/Enablement journey still has a way to go for universal adoption, even though, in the operational processes, it is one of the key control points for getting to grip with dynamic environments and the pace of evolution within organisational technology frameworks. 

Furthermore, the conference brought to light the ongoing struggle with implementing Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs). A third of respondents admitted to lacking a CMDB, underscoring the challenges in understanding and managing changes within IT environments. While integrated CMDBs, often part of ITSM suites, are prevalent, there’s a growing interest in independent CMDB solutions or custom-built options to better meet specific needs.

Cluodhouse Guardian Team at Pink24

Our CEO Mat Clothier, Guardian Product Manager Stephen Earl and Head of Pre-Sales Jonathan Dedman at Pink24 Stand in Vegas

The ITSM landscape remains diverse, with numerous tools offering varied experiences and focusing on unique approaches. Despite ServiceNow’s dominance, discussions at Pink24 showed a healthy market exploration, with attention on alternatives like BMC Helix, ManageEngine, HaloITSM, and Jira for Service Management, reflecting a vibrant ecosystem ripe with innovation.

Apart from getting meet lots of great people in the ITSM community our big focus of attending was to announce and preview our new Automated Change Reconciliation capability that we will be releasing in the coming months, more on this in an upcoming blog post.

If you’d like to understand how Cloudhouse can help you with your Change Management compliance and validation needs then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:  Contact & Support






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