Completing your journey to Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure

Published on October 08, 2015


Cloudhouse is a Microsoft-centric software vendor that minimises the cost and complexity of delivering applications to users.

We re-purpose classic desktop or web apps for deployment onto Windows 10 devices and/or Azure or the hybrid Cloud, in each case, by resolving blocker issues around application incompatibilities.

In fact, large corporations and software vendors such as GE Healthcare and Advanced Computer Software have chosen Cloudhouse to deliver the complex business software that their users need from Azure. We are different because our patented container technology has been designed to plug the gaps in the Microsoft solution stack for Windows 10 and Azure deployment and management.

How do we do it?

Cloudhouse’s unique container technology encapsulates everything the application requires so it will deploy reliably into Windows 10 or Azure RemoteApp, on-demand, with functionality preserved exactly as the end user expects – and there are no platform, browser or integration dependencies or conflicts. This adds value over time by managing application versioning, configuration and licencing, all from a management portal within Azure. All of this is achieved without the need to make ANY changes to the application code.

Our solutions offer a great deal of repeatability as, once an application has been packaged within a Cloudhouse container, it can easily be made available on demand to ANY other end user, via any Microsoft platform (Windows 10 or Azure), and onto any end user device (via ARA).

Where do we help?

Do you have projects that are blocked because your applications are incompatible with Windows 10 or Azure? Are you looking at alternative platforms, or are you stuck trying to justify the business case for an application re-write? If so, Cloudhouse can resolve these issues. We are solving the following issues:

Applications that can’t work on Windows 10 devices (desktops, tablets)

In many cases, device upgrades are blocked due to Win32 applications, written to run on XP, which cannot operate well within a Windows 10 environment. With Cloudhouse, you can deploy ANY application onto Windows 10. This means any application can upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 and associated devices, such as Surface Pro;

Applications which are blocking upgrade to Windows 10 from XP

Cloudhouse provides the only approach that allows Win32 apps to run on Windows 10 without breaking their desktop integrations. Cloudhouse resolves application incompatibility with its patented container technology that leverages Azure for on-going app deployment and management;

Applications that are preventing the journey to Azure

Certain applications are incompatible with Azure and pose technical barriers to deployment within Azure RemoteApp in particular. For example, web applications with dependencies on older IE versions, Win32 apps, apps with complex integrations are all challenging to deploy into ARA. Cloudhouse overcomes all these issues and our Azure-based cloud management platforms makes it simple to deploy apps on-demand into a vanilla ARA template;

Applications which need to exist in a Hybrid environment

Cloudhouse offers a solution to the sensitive issue of where SQL databases are located, due to customer constraints driven by privacy, regulation, etc.  Using Cloudhouse, you are are free to choose where you locate databases to support on-premise, off-premise or hybrid Cloud approaches – all with no detrimental impact to performance;

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