Customer Update - UK Central Government Service Agency

As this agency prepares to migrate to new systems in 2017, Cloudhouse enables legacy rich based web app to migrate to IE11


This agency was moving to a new central government support contract, this change mandated that IE11 be the sole supported browser of choice and legacy software compatibility issues had to be addressed.

Quick Facts:

Quick Facts


The Challenge

The agency was running a legacy Case Management application which was embedded in their business processes, both internally and with every local government authority in the UK. The risk of upgrading the current system, or buying a new system, against running unsupported software presented a genuine conundrum.

Finding the right solution

They approached their incumbent software vendor, who could only offer an upgrade.  This would mean retraining of staff, downtime within their server environment and no guarantees that the years of application customization they had undertaken would work. So the agency looked to new vendors for a solution, all of which presented the same issues as upgrading with the incumbent vendor, not to mention additional upfront costs for buying new software.

The agency then approached Microsoft and were recommended to attend a Roundtable event at which Cloudhouse were speaking. At this event, they learnt about Cloudhouse’s Application Anywhere technology and found a solution to address their immediate problem. 

How it Works

Taking the agency’s rich web case management system, Cloudhouse packaged the app once with the required Internet Explorer 9 and Java 6.45 software. Once packaged, Cloudhouse was able to deploy the application to IE11 Enterprise Mode, allowing the users to continue using their software with no change to the look and feel of the application.

Benefits of Cloudhouse

In a straightforward five-week evaluation, Cloudhouse were able to ensure the agency could run its app on supported Internet Explorer software, and prepare to migrate to new systems in 2017 - and they could do so without additional head count, or budget, or complex migration projects. Benefits of the Cloudhouse solution included:

  • Ability to move between central support contracts without worry
  • No requirement to retrain users
  • Avoided having to re write integrations to third parties
  • Time to work on a replacement Case Management system for 2017

The Future

As a centralised agency built from a federated, local set of offices, this particular application is one of many that will require Cloudhouse to help it overcome app dependencies such as device, operating system, browser or even where data is stored.

“With Cloudhouse, we no longer need to worry about unsupported software, lack of budget or headcount to ensure our critical case management system works. Cloudhouse made it simple for us.”

IT Director, Government Service Agency

Applications Anywhere Customer

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