Completing the journey to Microsoft Azure and Windows 10

London, 19 November 2015Cloudhouse Technologies Limited, the leading provider of Cloud Application Virtualization and Cloud enablement technologies, today announced availability of their Applications Anywhere product on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

Microsoft Azure offers an open and flexible cloud platform that enables customers to quickly deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft data centers. But for the majority of corporate applications built for an on-premise deployment model, a move to new Operating Systems or the Cloud can require significant re-coding of existing software. 

Their technology allows any classic Windows desktop app, bespoke applications, or web apps tied to older releases of IE, to be deployed onto Windows 10, or Azure, or hybrid Cloud thus accelerating the journey to modern Microsoft platforms whilst also enabling deployment to tablet devices. 

Through its principal product, Applications Anywhere, Cloudhouse allows any enterprise application to be transported to the latest Microsoft platforms, with all integrations preserved and with no interoperability conflicts. Cloudhouse also allows data be stored on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid formats, without sacrificing performance. Using an application deployment and management portal running in Azure, Cloudhouse makes it simple and cost-effective to manage corporate applications at scale from the cloud. 

Mat Clothier, CTO, Cloudhouse Technologies, said: “Microsoft Azure is the perfect platform to offer businesses access to Cloud Computing. Our innovative technology complements Microsoft’s trusted solution, and enhances the software and services it offers by enabling customers to use the efficiencies and benefits of virtualized hosting without the need to rip and replace existing software applications. This combined solution will create significant value for service providers and enterprise IT teams seeking to run their applications in the cloud.”

Cloudhouse Technologies enables:

  • Delivery of any Windows-based application to Windows 10, Azure or mobile devices.
  • Configurable application packages to deploy the correct version and configuration to each user on demand.
  • Push Enterprise applications into RemoteApp Collections without requiring the template to be updated.
  • Applications to interact with other programmes and services through an open container solution. 
  • Hybrid access to file and SQL data that can be stored anywhere.
  • Any application - including any version of Internet Explorer - to be delivered on Azure RemoteApp or locally.

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About Cloudhouse:

Our patented Cloud Application Virtualization technology is packaged into two products, designed to work separately or in concert. Applications Anywhere virtualizes Windows client applications to remove platform dependencies and to facilitate centralized application management and deployment. Data Anywhere enables the mobility of, and remote access to, databases without impacting the user experience.

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