Meet The Team: Alex Turner

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We thought it would be interesting to run some blogs about the super people at Cloudhouse. We’re speaking to people across all our teams to find out a bit more about them, what their role is and what makes them tick. We also ask them to spill the beans on their worst IT fail… because it happens to the best of us!

Meet… Alex Turner, Global Head of Professional Services

When did you join Cloudhouse? 

I joined at the end of August this year, although I was lucky enough to meet up with some of the management team in the summer. There have been two social events since then, including one for new joiners like me, so I’m getting to know everyone despite working remotely at the moment.

Tell us a little about your career up to this point: 

I’ve been working in professional services for 25 years and I’ve been in management for the last 15. Across that time, I have worked in increasingly large companies, including Miratech and Finastra. I get great satisfaction from growing a business, and it really motivates me to be somewhere I feel like I’m making a difference. I’m excited to be joining Cloudhouse at this stage in their development.

What do you do at Cloudhouse?

I’m responsible for project delivery, from the very beginning when the customer order comes in, to going live with their subscription, and all ongoing support from there, including organising refresher training. I love being in contact with our customers and making sure that we exceed their expectations. I manage the Professional Services team here in the UK, and other members across the world – in the US, New Zealand, Greece and Australia.

What’s the best thing about working at Cloudhouse?

Although I have only been with the company for a couple of months, I would say the people. I have been made to feel so welcome, and everyone has been really helpful. The team is unbelievably collaborative, and that goes across departments. It’s one of the most collaborative teams I’ve ever worked with. 

Most embarrassing IT moment (e.g. hitting reply all when you really shouldn’t have, deleting something VERY important, leaving your laptop on the train…) 

This one is pretty excruciating. In one of my first roles, I deleted an entire customer system. I thought I was just deleting a small portion, but no: I wiped out the entire system. It was UNIX based, which was pretty unforgiving at the time. There were no second chances! I had to go on bended knee to restore it from the back-up and spent quite some time recreating missing data. Needless to say, I have never done that again!

Favourite sandwich filling: 

Chicken Caesar salad, preferably in a wrap!

How do you take your tea?

White with one, please – and ginger in colour, not too stewed and not too weak.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. I’ve always had dogs and now I have a black Labrador called Blu. He was a lockdown puppy – it was perfect timing to get a dog and he helped to keep me active when we were stuck at home.

Dream holiday destination: 

I’ve travelled a lot with my career – 45 countries at the latest count! – but one place I have never been to is Hawaii, so I would love to go there when I can.

About Cloudhouse

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Nobody should ever have to run the risk of managing a single business application on an unsupported, unsecure Windows or Citrix platform. Our Customers rely on our pioneering application compatibility packaging technology to run legacy business critical applications on the latest secure, supported and compliant platforms without the need to refactor, recode or upgrade.

Our proven technology offers high quality, scalable packaging services to partners, customers and Systems Integrators. Founded in 2009, we’re headquartered in London with operations around the world.

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How much does Cloudhouse cost? Down Arrow

Cloudhouse costs are split into two elements – the licensing required to deploy application compatibility packages, and the professional services needed to create the application compatibility packages.

Licensing is offered on a per user basis for desktop applications and a per server basis for server applications. There are discounts available based on volumes.

Professional Services costs are dependent on the nature and complexity of the application. We quote a cost for packaging once we have been able to see the application, or portfolio of applications.

Contact us here with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Packaging and Maintaining Applications
Who is responsible for packaging desktop and server applications? Down Arrow

Cloudhouse provide the Professional Services to package applications.

Requirements for Test and Development Down Arrow

Cloudhouse recommend packaged applications are tested in the standard UAT environments used for natively installed applications, or applications packaged in App-V. The more representative the test environment is of the live environment, the greater the chance of finding any issues prior to go-live.

Updating Applications Down Arrow

Service packs and updates can be applied to the applications in a package using the Editor, refer to Updating, Editing and Maintaining Containers which describes how a new snapshot is created for the update, and how it is then applied to the package.

Who manages Cloudhouse operationally within an account? Down Arrow

Cloudhouse recommends the same team who manage the operations of native apps.

Automation and Deployment Down Arrow

Applications running in Application Compatibility Packages can be deployed, and managed with same tools, or scripts used to deploy natively installed applications e.g. SCCM, InTune, LAN Desk. Please refer to Supported 3rd Party Products and Versions for details.

How do we know which of our departments/ teams should support the Package? Down Arrow

The Cloudhouse Package does not include OS components, it only contains the packaged application plus Cloudhouse components. Cloudhouse recommend the same team that is responsible for supporting applications packaged with App-V, or delivered as natively installed applications, support Cloudhouse Application Compatibility Containers.

Documentation for Service Desk & Service Management Down Arrow

Full documentation is made available to Cloudhouse partners and customers as required.

Do Cloudhouse provide training? Down Arrow

Cloudhouse offers a full packaging service that can scale to meet any requirement. In the event, however, that a partner wishes to offer application compatibility packaging as part of a wider solution, Cloudhouse will work with that partner. Please contact us here for details.