Moving to App-V 5.0 is more like a migration than an upgrade. Consider your options and reap additional benefits along the way…

Published: Thursday, February 26 2015

The deadline End-Of-Maintenance (EOM) date for App-V 4.6 is looming and many existing users will be taking a hard look at their migration plan.

If you are the person responsible for delivery infrastructure, App-V 5.0 may seem an obvious choice but you must prepare to grapple with a new format for virtualized packages and will have to understand the new dependencies of the first App-V release that has been built from the ground up by Microsoft.

You will also need to put any applications that you “upgrade” with the converter through a rigorous testing process and those which cannot be converted will have to be re-packaged.  Plus, there will be the same old issues of isolating certain applications, you will still have to package multiple instances of the same applications to meet differing configuration requirements and there continues to be a considerable number of applications App-V cannot virtualize (general consensus places this number at about 40%).

Given App-V 5.0 is more like a migration than an upgrade, is it time to consider an alternative?

With the inevitable learning curve associated with adopting App-V 5.0, there’s never been a better time to consider alternative means to consolidate, simplify and improve the distribution of applications across your organization.

Why Cloudhouse?

Our technology is addressing the challenges of virtualizing any Windows application to eliminate local software installation, to provide seamless portability across all Windows desktop platforms, and to publish and manage applications from a public, private or hybrid Cloud.  In particular, Cloudhouse enables frictionless application deployment and on-going management within virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  With Cloudhouse you have:

  • Full lifecycle management with a centralised management console that lets you simply and securely control the deployment of applications across a disparate workforce.
  • No need for multiple configurations of the same application, unique configuration management allows a single package to work for all users regardless of their specific custom requirements.
  • A single and proven means to virtualize all your applications - even the most complex ones which are traditionally considered impossible to package
  • Make use of anything within our library of previously packaged applications

Additionally, should you choose to do so, you can deploy applications from our Cloud platform to decrease the effort and investment you have to make.

The Benefits

  • Less hassle – Use the virtualized (and fully tested) applications that are already available
  • Less fuss – We can virtualize any other applications with minimum effort and maximum results
  • Less stress – You package each application once, and then manage user configurations as required

About Cloudhouse

Cloudhouse allows any Windows application to be virtualized with ease.   Our highly scalable platform provides Enterprise IT Organizations with a centralised environment in which to securely control and deploy the latest, approved, applications to users in any location.  If you would like to explore your options and understand how your business might benefit, contact us today.

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