Year 2017 has witnessed many ground-breaking achievements; from scientists discovering earth-like planets outside solar system, to geologists uncovering the 8th continent hidden under ocean, bitcoin breaking the $20,000 mark and mass speculation in other crypto currencies. It was equally spectacular for us too, with our business reaching new heights – revenue growth of 300% over 2016!

Growth has come from our total go-to-market focus on Microsoft and Citrix customers as they go through Digital Transformation; adopting the latest technologies like Windows 10 / 10S, Azure, Citrix Cloud and XenApp on Server 2016. Every part of our business has benefited from this laser focus; from customer adoption and satisfaction, strategic partnerships, innovation and industry recognition. Here is a short round up of 2017.

This is the year we landed some high profile accounts in partnership with global SIs like Fujitsu, Computacenter, CGI, DXC technology across central government and the enterprise, here are some examples by sector; central government the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), manufacturing – Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), utilities – Centrica, and health care – Kaiser Permanente and NHS Trusts.

Hopefully there will be fewer mentions in TheRegister in 2018 of malware exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows XP and 7 thanks to our partnerships. We are hoping there will be a few more mentions of how Cloudhouse can help customers rid themselves of legacy OSes after our first article in TheRegister by Chris Mellor. The challenge for Customers and Partners is the large number of apps in their estate – for those who have invested in Citrix’s AppDNA we have provided a scalable way of packaging incompatible applications with integration for AppDNA.

Our key technology and go-to-market partners, Microsoft and Citrix, have recognised our value as an enabling partner. Citrix honoured us by including our solution in their Executive Briefing Centers (EBC); where their strategic customers are shown Citrix’s vision for the Digital Workspace. Citrix now have a great answer for visiting CIOs who are concerned about how they can deliver the Citrix experience across all their line of business apps as they adopt Citrix Cloud and the latest versions of XenApp.

Microsoft’s cross platform OS and application strategy relies on its Universal Windows Platform (UWP), thanks to our agile Engineering team we were able to innovate rapidly to help some of their customers get their apps to Store for Business and Windows InTune. This earnt us a unique spot on their Desktop Bridge solutions page – as the only solution that could extend the capabilities of the Desktop App Converter to Windows XP, 7 and Windows 10 apps that do not meet the criteria for UWP.

The EUC community continue to have good things to say about us, with a podcast on, mentions on Rory Monaghan’s blog on app virtualization smackdown, and we were honoured to have Citrix CTP and co-organiser of Dutch Citrix User Group Remko Weijnen join us (read his story here).

I was honoured during the summer to be asked by the board to step up from CTO to CEO. Thank you to the whole team for supporting me and for making it such a rewarding job. We are nothing without our team and I am lucky to work with some of the best in the world, and even luckier to have so much fun together whilst doing it! This was one of the reasons I wanted to transform the office space we have been in for 5 years – so I asked a graffiti artist called Jerome from nomoreblankwalls to get creative on our blank walls.

Wow, what an incredible year. If we thought this year was exciting then I can’t wait to see what next year is like as we continue to expand and look to branch out further into the global market and open up in Europe and the US.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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