Tech Preview: App-V & Cloud app management and reporting

Published: Friday, April 22 2016

Cloudhouse brings cloud-based application management and reporting to App-V

At Cloudhouse, we want to solve application deployment and migration problems. Whether this is migrating your apps from Server 2003, XP or Win 7 or deploying them to the latest virtual or physical servers, desktops or cloud offerings like Azure RemoteApp.

The two founding principles of Cloudhouse are; you should only ever have to package an application once, and the application should deploy and run wherever you need it.

I am excited to announce our upcoming Tech Preview: ‘App-V from the Cloud’, which will put Corporate IT and Services Providers in control so they can deploy, manage, their packages anywhere they need them.


IT organisations in control of their applications

Admins will be able to upload their App-V packages, unchanged, in to our app management platform – on Microsoft Azure - and then deploy them out onto physical desktops, XenApp, XenDesktop, RDS or Azure RemoteApp infrastructure(s) using scripts or build tools like SCCM.

With “App-V from the Cloud”, existing App-V customers will be able to make the most out of the time they have invested in packaging because our cloud based configuration management will enable you to configure packages on the fly; they can use different license keys, database connection strings or language packs based upon the target machine, user or customer.

Applications management becomes simpler when combining Cloudhouse with solutions like Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Azure RemoteApp that deliver applications to any Windows, Linux or Apple device. If your customers or users need to access, download, and install apps locally on to a Windows desktop or tablet - wherever they are in the world - then they can use our cloud-based self-service portal.

Once you are managing your apps with Cloudhouse you are in complete control. You decide which users are able to launch which apps, anywhere, at any time on a per app basis. For Service Providers, or customers who need to charge for application usage, our application usage reports enable you to track global usage within departments across your entire customer base. 

Register your interest today!

Register here if you are interested in participating in our Tech Preview.  You may upload an unlimited number of App-V applications during the trial and you can also let us know if you would like us to resolve any OS incompatibility issues for your App-V packages - for example to enable the app to move from Server 2003 to Server 2012 R2.

Posted by: Stuart Moore, Head of Product Management

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