When business critical apps go wrong a number of things surely happen – directors bang tables and go crimson, department managers bang heads and geeks responsible for applications sit rubbing theirs.

For more than a dozen years this has been my experience in the “buck stops here” department also known as application packaging and deployment. Too often Project Managers misunderstand the technical challenges in delivering software that “just works”, especially when it is possible to download and install it from the Internet.

The Challenges of App Delivery

The problem here is that the causes of application delivery failure are numerous. And it’s only exacerbated by the diverse technologies used to create and present applications to users who demand greater flexibility.

It wouldn’t be fair to list the hassle factors around older packaging and delivery methods or single out any particular technology (but anyone heard of MSI Zap?). How about problems updating installed packages or badly constructed packages that cannot be easily uninstalled?

Strapped to this is the enthusiastic adoption of newer technologies. These new technologies are just not well suited to older applications.

Then you need to consider the user experience. Mobile working or BYOD is all great until it takes three minutes for the user to login to the session virtualised environment.

A New Approach for App Delivery

When the opportunity arose to join Cloudhouse I saw clearly that a new approach to solving many of these problems existed in this company. Like all good ideas the core product is a straightforward technology that is effective in resolving so many of the challenges I have experienced.

We live in an imperfect world and unfortunately that means there are incompatibilities and conflicts that exist between applications and the environments in which they run. Cloudhouse solves these problems.

Regardless of device, operating system, browser or app or where you store your data, if your app is business critical and needs to run on the latest Microsoft operating system or cloud, we make it work.

Important for the person responsible for app delivery, Cloudhouse eases the creation of new packages with an auto-packager and virtualisation technology that can create a new package in minutes. Just this week I have created a new package for a commercial customer that required no post packaging edits. How many other products can do that?

There’s no complicated setup and management either. New customers can be brought online within a few clicks on the deployment portal and any modern Windows platform can be used. (If you really still have Windows 3.51 servers come and talk to us).

The virtualisation technology will work online or offline and is compliant with 32 and 64 bit architectures without special editing.

Watch for more blogs from me with more in-depth details on how we overcome challenges to make your life “hassle-free”.

Cloudhouse joins G-Cloud 12

Moving the UK public sector to the cloud just got a whole lot easier. Cloudhouse application compatibility packaging is now available from the G Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace.

Migrate ALL applications to Amazon AppStream 2.0 and AWS WorkSpaces

Migrate ALL your desktop applications to Amazon Workspaces or Amazon AppStream 2.0 with Cloudhouse.

The Magic of Compound Application Virtualization

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