Why should we be the only ones expected to work effectively for longer? Push out the retirement age for your technology too!

Published on February 25, 2014

Traditional desktop applications have lots to offer.  They have depth of experience, richness of functions, and a proven and established record of success – but these “legacy” applications are struggling to compete with the agility and flexibility of their cloud-based rivals.

Times have changed

Most of the business applications we use today were developed over a decade ago and with no consideration for cloud computing and as a result, they are struggling to meet user demands for remote access to desktop applications. 

And it’s a problem that isn’t going away.  The appetite for access to applications – regardless of “when” or “where” the user is – continues to gain momentum.

You need a different perspective

There is a way to extend the useful life of software investments by delivering next generation technology solutions that allow existing client-server applications to be turned into cloud solutions, quickly, cost effectively and with no additional infrastructure investments.

  • Without remote desktops
  • Without product re-development

Cloudhouse applications use unique next generation dynamic application virtualization technologies to deliver LAN security, reliability and performance over a WAN , with no changes to the application’s code. Once the application is cloud-enabled, you can choose where the data is stored and the best approach for managing the server infrastructure.

With this approach, the applications you know and love can continue to support you in your job for as long as you need them to, no matter how far away you are from being able to retire….  That’s good news.  Isn’t it?


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