Web app dependent on an old version of Internet Explorer? Not anymore!

Get your old web app working on IE 11, regardless of its dependencies on older browsers.

The first generation of web applications were either built to run on XP and IE 6 or Windows 7 and IE 8. Subsequent iterations have been deployed on IE 9 and IE 10. In most cases, there are hard coded dependencies on specific versions of IE and/or ActiveX, Java or .Net plugins, which conflict with Windows 10 and IE 11.

Cloudhouse has developed a solution that eliminates the constraints of browser dependencies. Our approach enables you to:

  • Run any old web application, and its plugins, on IE 11 - without requiring changes to the application source code
  • Roll out Windows 10 or deploy apps to Azure without being constrained by web app incompatibilities
  • Extend the useful life of old web apps dependent on older versions of IE
  • Isolate any required plugins from the underlying platform to remove incompatibilities
  • Manage browser versions and settings without admin rights

Cloudhouse have worked with the Internet Explorer Engineering team at Microsoft in Redmond to create this unique solution in adherence with Microsoft licencing requirements.

It’s Time to Overcome Your Browser Dependency

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Avoid complex, legacy migrations

An alternative to ripping and replacing established applications or migrating apps that ‘just won’t work right’ on the latest browser. The result? An app that runs seamlessly regardless of browser.

Protect rich Web investments

Cloudhouse protects software investments by allowing established and new applications to operate on updated browsers whether or not it is compatible with the latest version.

Lessen the IT load

IT no longer needs to manage browser dependencies on the user desktop or the server (Server Based Computing). Reduce the amount of time to roll out apps (even if standardized browsers).

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