Effortlessly Migrate Legacy Apps with Alchemy

100% Guaranteed Success for any Windows app on Server 2003 or XP onwards


As the preferred global partner for AWS’s End of Support Migration Programme and Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop migration, Cloudhouse is trusted by organisations across all sectors, including government departments, National Australia Bank, Experian, Royal Mail, and NASA. Recognised as one of the UK’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies by Deloitte in 2020, Cloudhouse, headquartered in London since 2010, serves hundreds of enterprises worldwide.

  • Expertise in Legacy Systems: We excel in transforming legacy Windows systems, reducing technical debt, and enhancing security compliance.
  • Proven Solutions: Our Alchemy and Guardian solutions ensure seamless application transitions and robust system monitoring.
  • Trusted Partnerships: Preferred by AWS and Microsoft, and relied upon by major global organisations.

They Trust Us

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Why Choose Cloudhouse?

Say goodbye to unsupported Windows platforms forever with Alchemy: Application compatibility packaging
Our Solution modernises IT estates by fixing unfixable applications and moving them to a supported operating system.

Alchemy: Application compatibility packaging solution migrates Windows server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 applications and workloads on-premise and in the cloud without the need to refactor, recode or upgrade.

A vendor-agnostic monitoring tool offering deep insights and integrity validation alerts.
Designed to provide customers with instant visibility of their entire IT infrastructure and automate their compliance and change management.

Guardian helps you find out what you have in your estate, identify what’s out of date and non-compliant and then automatically achieve compliance

Our Solutions

Legacy Application Encapsulation

Make the most of your existing assets by encapsulating your business-critical legacy applications. Our cost-effective solutions ensure that you can continue to utilize your current software investments without the need for re-coding, re-training, or interrupting your business operations.

Seamless Migration Services

Effortlessly transition to supported systems with our migration services. We enable your legacy applications to operate on modern platforms without any need for source code modification. Choose your cloud platform, and we'll ensure your legacy 32/64-bit applications move unchanged, allowing you to migrate with confidence and zero business disruption.

Cloud Integration

Embrace the Cloud with ease. Our best-in-class Windows migration assessments mean no application gets left behind during your Cloud migration journey. Utilize our proven delivery methodology and professional services to lift your legacy applications directly into the cloud environment of your choice, hassle-free.

World-Class Innovation Specialisation

Benefit from unique, patented technology. As Microsoft legacy specialists, we offer World-Class IP and technology tailored to enhance Windows application systems and environments. Trust in our expertise to extend the life and performance of your enterprise applications.

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